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What is a power surge? A power surge is defined as a very fast (extremely short in duration) high increase in the voltage of an AC, telephone, or network line. In other words, a power surge is a brief spike in your electrical current that can cause damage to your electrical equipment.


What is a surge protective device (SPD)? An SPD is a device that protects electrical equipment from being damaged by voltage spikes, or surges. By passing electrical current along from an outlet to many devices, our surge protectors can detect a voltage level that rises above normal and divert the extra electricity safely into the ground.


What is the difference between transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) and surge protective devices (SPD)? The two are one in the same. In 2009, the passing of UL 1449 3rd Edition stated that TVSS would, from then on, be referred to as SPD.

Talk to our experienced surge protection professionals to keep your equipment safe, with the proper Surge Suppression equipment.

Eaton is a leading provider of quality surge suppression equipment, or SPDs. Eaton SPDs are designed to properly protect your electrical and electronic equipment.



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