Backup Power (UPS)


The Eaton 5P Rackmount UPS delivers reliable enterprise class backup power with an efficiency rating of up to 99%. With ENERGY STAR® qualified models, the 5P's graphical LCD display allows you to view UPS status in a single glance and provides more available power than comparable UPSs.

Eaton 5P Rackmount UPS - Features

  • Helps save money and protect the environment through energy efficient operation (ENERGY STAR® qualified UPS)
  • Enables you to customize UPS settings, view load and power consumption through the graphical interactive LCD screen interface
  • Fully integrates with Intelligent Power Software Suite for continuous up time of servers and virtual machines.
  • Conserves valuable rackmount space with compact 1U and 2U form factors
  • Extends battery service life by 50% with ABM Technology
  • Protects you with a three-year warranty, which includes the batter
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Eaton 5P RM UPS

Eaton 5P 1000VA 120V Rackmount 1U

Eaton 5P UPS 5P1000R rated at 1000VA /770 watts. 1U ...

Eaton 5P 1500VA 120V Rackmount 1U

Eaton 5P UPS 5P1500R rated at 1440VA /1100 watts. 1U ...

Eaton 5P 1500VA 2U UPS 5P1500RT

Eaton 5P UPS 5P1500RT rated at 1440VA /1440 watts. 2U ...

Eaton 5P 2200VA 2U UPS 5P2200RT

Eaton 5P UPS 5P2200RT rated at 1950VA /1920 watts. 2U ...

Eaton 5P 3000VA 2U UPS 5P3000RT

Eaton 5P UPS 5P3000RT rated at 3000VA /2700 watts. 2U ...

Eaton 5P 550VA 120V Rackmount 1U

Eaton 5P UPS 5P550R rated at 550VA /420 watts. 1U rackmount ...

Eaton 5P 750VA 120V Rackmount 1U

Eaton 5P UPS 5P750R rated at 750VA /600 watts. 1U rackmount ...