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Surge Protection Products

Alpha Power Systems, LLC (APS) is a leading distributor of UL 1449 3rd edition certified hard-wired Surge Protective Devices (SPD) products. APS is located in Florida, the lightning capital. UL 1449 listing is ONLY a safety standard.

Surge protection is crucial to any electrical power system and power protection system, including lightning protection and medium voltage power systems. Surge protectors are transient voltage or over voltage protectors. Transients are also known as spikes, surges, peaks. Transients are known to damage sensitive electronic equipment in homes, schools, commercial, industrial and medical facilities, wastewater treatment plants, factories, etc.

Transient are generated 20% from lightning and utility operations but 80% from internal electrical operations such as motors, UPSs or transformers in a facility. Transients have always been a known phenomenon in the electrical world; however modern microelectronic loads are more sensitive to them. The downtime, damage and maintenance caused to critical or electronic loads cost billions of dollars a year, in the US alone.

APS’s specializes in hardwired TVSS that connects to electrical distribution gear power systems. Most TVSS are comprised of Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) and capacitive EMI/RFI noise filters.